Why teddy bear is the most popular soft toy

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Infrom more than a century, teddy bears hold primacy among. What is the secret of their popularity?

Teddy Bear – without a particular sex toy. They can play not only girls but also boys, for whom playing with dolls is not peculiar. And playing with bear – not straightedosuditelno. Psychologists believe that soft toys are very necessary for young children. Teddy bear does not develop mental or physical ability of the child, but it becomes a close friend with whom you can fall asleep, hugging, sharing their secrets. This will never happen to modern steel or plastic toys and cute teddy bearand will always cause the feeling of love, tenderness and warmth. It teaches children to be more humane, kinder, more loving animals.

This affection often lasts for years, and many adults cherish his teddy bear, can not part with it and do not even allow their children to play with it. This strange behavior and such an attachmentspine to the toy can not explain even the experts. Some believe that the teddy bear has become a symbol of home heat, happy childhood, childhood gone – so the adults and try to keep it as a memory of the past. Others suggest that this toy – the first object with whom the child establishes a strong emotionallyth link, and it remains for life.

New technology in the manufacture of teddy bears

Today's technologies make it possible to modify the teddy bear, and many manufacturers are trying to realize these opportunities. For example in ScotlandTeddy released with built-in microphone, a transmitter and a video camera. This toy should help parents look after the child, who was alone in the room.

Siemens is mounted to bear a GPS system and a button to call the emergency services. So baby can cause emergency assistance and beforeamb your coordinates. Belgian scientists are working to develop a robot bear for seriously ill children. At the hospital, he must help them to cope with loneliness and sadness. The bear will walk, moving paws, nose, ears, speak and show emotion. And the computer, Microsoft has not gone away. They presented the project "Bear ", according to which the plush toy will be connected to the wireless Internet, perform the functions of, phone, video camera, and will help parents to be always in touch with your child.

But no advances in technology and electronics can never replace the soft teddy bear, which children everywhere pulled by GSSoh and hugging in bed. Let him old and even shabby – it has a living soul. This is the secret love child teddy bear and the phenomenon of long-standing success of this simple and unpretentious, but very sweet and sentimental toys.

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