9 benefits of laser engraving

laser engraving

Laser engraving is gaining popularity in engraving workshops. This kind of take-off of this type of stone processing was due to the development of laser technology. Next, we look at the 9 benefits of this type of stone processing. Well, tell us about this employee of http://grawer-warszawy.pl, which is directly engaged in engraving on any materials in Warsaw.

Basic "+" laser engraving:

  • Affordable price. Buying a laser engraver, you do not need to replace the needles after every 5 applied images, as in a shock-engraving machine. In addition, the laser engraving machine pays off much faster than the machine with the shock type of drawing the image. This can be explained by the large number of portraits produced by the laser per unit of time.
  • High speed. Laser technologies allow you to apply images 3 (or even more) times faster than on a shock-engraving machine.
  • There is no direct contact with the stone. The image is applied by a special beam that melts the workpiece surface. There is a so-called "material removal", which results in an engraving.
  • Wide range of applications. The laser machine can process not only stone, but also plastic, wood, metal and even glass. As a result, the availability of a laser engraving machine greatly expands the range of workshop services.
  • Laser engraving equipment is easy to master. Working with a laser engraver requires basic computer and Photoshop skills.
  • Not only portraits but also inscriptions, landscapes and other patterns can be done on a laser machine. The laser allows you to make any image on the workpiece of different materials.
  • Laser-engraved image is long lasting. The high temperature used in the laser engraving preserves the material properties and extends its life under all conditions.
  • The laser engraver is easy to maintain technically. You only need a special computer program to help you set the machine to the desired mode.
  • All images on the laser-treated stone are photorealistic. Laser engraving technologies make images crisp, high quality, and as close to real-life as possible.
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