Is it worth playing the World of Warcraft?

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World of Warcraft

Over the many years of the existence of the MMORPG genre, a large number of identical games have been created. When it comes to the most popular representatives of the genre, it immediately recalls World of Warcraft. Anyone will say that the game has experienced ups and downs during its existence. But it’s worth sorting out, after going such a long way, is it worth playing WOW? Could she be interesting and introduce something new, or remained in antiquity, having lost demand? Let's sort out. And administrator of WoW Boost EU - World of Warcraft boosting service will tell us about it.

What is the World of Warcraft about?

Even before the advent of World of Warcraft, this universe got its own group of fans among gamers. Blizzard Entertainment has developed a new RPG, linking it to the previous strategies in this series. One of the goals of the creation was to create a high level of cooperative between players from all over the world. By 2001, Blizzard announced their product, which greatly interested the gaming community. After 3 years of discussion and expectations, in 2004 WOW servers were launched.

Everyone who wanted to plunge into the world of Warcraft was immediately told about the presence of a monthly fee. The company did not hide the fact that their product is a paid pleasure. Also, developers released frequent add-ons, which were also paid. Only 7 add-ons added new locations, classes, missions to the gameplay. Of course, this attracted players, forcing them to invest additional financial resources. Consider the main pros and cons of World of Warcraft.

World of Warcraft

Game pros:

  • The best game of the genre. Over the many years of its existence, World of Warcraft has not lost its popularity. He remains a sought-after representative of the classics of the MMORPG genre. Such popularity arose because of the quality storyline and the fascinating universe, gathering a huge army of fans. An example is that when releasing new games of the genre, the phrase “Our product is a WOW killer” often sounds. This demonstrates that modern companies understand who needs to be aligned. However, not many manage to cope with such rivalry.
  • Accessibility for beginners. The World of Warcraft does not scare away newcomers, but rather helps them quickly get used to it. In projects of other companies, there is a constant rejection of new gamers by complex and incomprehensible options. This, perhaps, is not the complexity of the gameplay itself, but the ability to learn how to play as quickly as possible. In Warcraft, you do not need to bother much to understand everything. The interface is quite easy to learn and friendly for any player. At the same time, management does not affect complexity and does not make the game casual.
  • Variety of plot. The developers correctly prioritized the creation of the plot. It is important to note that the story does not stand still, but is supplemented by the plot of the game. This is a huge merit of elaborate dialogues and quests by scriptwriters. Even side quests carry a piece of interesting history that really captures.
  • A huge number of classes. In addition to the variety of races, you can notice a large number of classes. If desired, you can play for characters close or ranged. Here are the physical and magical classes of heroes. You can also choose your support role. I would like to note that each of the classes presented has its own special skills, as well as development paths.
  • Well-developed modes of PVP and PVE. The elaborated modes quite strongly affect the overall impression. PVP and PVE are really well designed. For example, in PVP mode, some lags or friezes are very rare, although their presence is inherent in most online projects. Even when fighting with mobs you can see perfectly executed models, motion animations, attacks, and so on.

Game cons:

  • Outdated graphics. Even the majority of fans agree with the fact that the graphics in the game are out of date. Although some of them, in defense of their beloved WOW, argue that this is a special recognizable graphics of the series that can not be changed. In any case, in other projects of the genre, image quality comes first. Graphics really got old, because the game was developed more than 15 years ago. However, this does not greatly concern developers who refuse to improve the graphic quality of the picture.
  • The presence of grind. It is a huge minus for the whole genre, because it forces gamers to perform boring and painful work. The need to kill mob mobs reduces the amount of pleasure gained during the game. Perhaps at first it is still bearable, but with an increase in the level, there is a sharp decrease in quests and an increase in grind. It seems that apart from the senseless killing of various animals and monsters, nothing could have been invented.
  • Time eater. Forums often include topics such as: "I lost a friend because of World of Warcraft." These are rather ridiculous discussions, unfortunately, in a number of cases, they are true. After all, instead of enjoying the gameplay, people begin to sit down. Some forget about friends, work, hobbies and even family. There is an addiction that makes spending online, at best, 5-8 hours daily. At that moment, as representatives of a severe form of addiction spend 15 to 18 hours a day.
  • Little free progress. This game is paid, includes a monthly fee and the purchase of the game itself. Also in the game there are 7 add-ons, which are also paid. Buying them, you add new progress to the plot. However, this is the main problem, not many will like to constantly pay to receive new content. And in the main version, no one has been developing anything for a long time. Instead, they create a new paid add-on to collect “tribute” from the fans again.

Should I play WOW?

World of Warcraft is a representative of the classics of the genre, it has both advantages and disadvantages. It’s worth playing if you don’t feel sorry for your time, money, personal life, and also you want to immerse yourself in the game and forget about the real world. Of course, no one argues about the uniqueness and interest of the Blizzard project, but do not forget how too much passion for the virtual world affects the life of any person. Therefore, starting to play WOW, be prepared to fight addiction.

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