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Features of the SDA in different countries

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As you know, in order to get the prAva to drive the car in the future be able to move is not in the territory of the state, must undergo special training to drive. However, it is worth noting that in addition to this also are important rules traffic . Of course, SDA – This is exactlyabout what helps to establish the procedure on the road and regulate traffic.

Without the existence of such rules in the streets would be chaos reigned just as well from driving every day would suffer a huge number of people. Actually therefore absolutely everyone should be familiar with not onlyabout the basics of driving, but also. They will help you to avoid the tragedy of the situation on the road and not get in traffic accidents. Moreover, it SDA are the basis of the order of movement in general. Without knowledge of the rules of traffic high probabilityof getting into an accident or at least periodic stops and fines that may lead to deprivation of rights.

What to prepare the driver

The driver must know the rules of traffic of the state, it is thekzhe should represent about how to control the car in other countries. The fact is that each state has its own rules of traffic , which have emerged due to the terrain there. To date, there are no uniform rulesyl for all states. That is why often many people have problems with traveling by car in other countries. &Nbsp; Of course, with the   on the one hand it seems that the foundation still must be the same, but it is worth noting that quite often what is considered usual for us and it is normal for the residents of Drewanother State is considered a flagrant violation. In this regard, there are numerous problems. Therefore, before you cross the border and get behind the wheel of a vehicle in another country, ask about rules traffic you receiving State. In addition, often, if you abouttpravlyaetes to another country and you want to move there on your car, you will need proof of your driver's license for the country as a document that is in force in our country, does not mean anything else.

SDA in European countries

In generalrules traffic European countries virtually indistinguishable from our SDA. This is quite easily explained. The fact is that in 1968 adopted the Vienna Convention, which was recognized some rules traffic , as well as the designation of some road signs. However, some differences do exist.

For example, in some European countries there is no difference between overtaking and ahead, and it oznachae6t that in a place where the sign is installed, the car can not be outrun, or ahead of. Furthermore,European drivers have the right to include fog lights only during the actual fog lights will be included if, when there was no fog, the driver will pay a fine to the state. It is also prohibited to honk just. Alert only when necessary to prevent an emergency, if you decide to come to remindstand on a traffic light has turned green, you can also get a fine.   On the road, where a lot of rows, you must move around the far right lane. Travel to other series only need to overtake. If the road you happened failure, then you need to stop the car on the roadside to include emergency gang and get out of the authoromobile previously wearing the vest. Otherwise, you may be fined. In general, reflective vest should always be present in the car, as a compulsory element. &Nbsp; And there are lots of other examples, so learn the rules of traffic and be careful on the roads.

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