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As once told my mother: and the relationship between the students in the class also resemble the relationship between the different layers of society.
So, in any class, there is a leader, oftenonly one. If more than one, they start very fierce competition, as long as one does not swallow the other. The winner always stays on top of Mount Olympus in splendid isolation.

The leader must not only stand out, and very much to stand out against the background of all the others in the class, have them immeasurably higher, and that it was rightnoticeable. Be quiet and unassuming – this path is not a leader, and losers.

To be a gray mouse, it may be better than a black sheep, but still a way to uncertainty and to the label « of Six & raquo ;.
I remember one of the leaders « tough » college, which I clearly storyyvala my friend. It was a smiling, handsome boy from a rich family. His father was a member, and his mother – the owner of a huge company. Boy rarely appeared in the classroom, but as soon as he deigns even to cross the threshold of the school, in front of him all the time and then started to dance – and students, and teachers.

Another devochka- leader was from a wealthy family, smazlivenkaya, very, very sociable. She knew all about and all. And her best friend at school was the daughter of the director of the same institution.

There are several ways to become a leader in its class. Of course, much depends on the school, college orLyceum, as well as on who is studying in this class.

Wealthy parents

With wealthy parents easily lead the class, where the rest of you significantly poorer – otherwise it does not make sense. Also, if the parents are rich, you can always bribe one graders, giving them « souvenirs&Raquo; from his master's shoulder, inviting to his home, treating the cafe, rolling on his smart car with a driver, and so on. d.

The insolence

If you do not learn in the classroom the children of the rich, it is possible to stand out due to arrogance and other advantages. Importantly, do not be modest, and to walk « Pontex & raquo ;, constantly emphasizing that I – better than you all up to you and sniskhozhu when ME is profitable.

The physical strength and impudence

The boys can stand out due to physical strength and insolence. In classes where studies of poverty andlytba in high esteem assholes who constantly watered all the shit and mud, as well as raise a hand to the weak and the girls, making fun of them, so that everyone was afraid of becoming the next target.


In classes with thugs stand out are those who committed murder or othercrime. As we remember, and 14 years of punishment for crimes committed there, so those who killed someone, for example, a weak one klassnitsa, for which no one is, too, will become leaders in their narrow circle of limited people.

Beauty and the mind

and Beautymind, in general, not very appreciated. Children are generally very long before the advent of sexual desire, in this do not understand. But everyone understands that such expensive clothes and mobile telephones. In today's classrooms, if children do not have a normal, good clothes and cool mobile telephones, then they are likely to do no one wants to communicate what is already here Doderstvo.

SWOT and elders

And the mind … we all remember those wonks and zubrilok which all written off, but does not mean that they somehow respected.
Often, leaders are elders, as particularly close to those who are relatives of directors, head teachers and teachers.

In response to the question of how to become a leader in the classroom, it is advisable not to stoop to primitive methods. The leader must be an example and better be a good example to be respected, listened to your opinion, and you are not friends with their fear, hypocrisy, or money, and sincerely and truly.
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