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Little Slava was born in September 1953 in Moscow. His father was a Director of the Sokolniki Department store. Therefore, it is safe to say that the flair of the entrepreneur Mr. Cantor had inherited (more information is available on the website ).

B. Kantor own path in business began back in the late eighties. Then he became head of the firm Intelmas , which is engaged in monitoring (including environmental) of industrial enterprises and implementation of local area networks for them + installation and implementation PC. Namely the aforementioned environmental monitoring in 1993, attracted the "young" businessman in Novgorod to the plant Nitrogen , which is engaged in manufacturing of mineral fertilizers. Kantor saw it running at the same time as and parallel to its prospects. The result, he decides to take the reins in their own hands and buying of 31.36% of the shares of the company on the 1st voucher auction, which took place in the Novgorod region.

This plant became the basis for the "offspring" of Mr. Cantor's holding of Akron . In 1994, due to privatization, the Akron was attached Dorogobuzh (a company in the Smolensk region), which then remained in state ownership. 11 years later, Akron is expanding into the international arena by joining the assets of khunzhi-Akron (China).

business development, Mr Cantor relied on max independence, as well as independence. As a result, it is already time quite a large holding open offices in the various States had their own transportation and logistics network, and subsidiaries that need mined minerals.

In 2005 also was based NWPC (a subsidiary company of the holding company of Akron ), whose main task was the development of deposits of Apatite-nepheline ores in the Murmansk region.

Today Mr. Kantor is the Chairman of the coordinating Council of Akron . He is not in control of his holding, but retained a substantial portion of its shares.

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