Why should you install a surveillance system?

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more and more businesses are installing surveillance systems not just to catch thieves in stores. New technologies make video surveillance system is a useful tool and an investment, which soon pays for itself. Next, we will discuss 12 reasons why you should definitely buy for your business (by the way, you can do it in the online store siren.com.ua).


containing harassment and violence in the workplace

Stalking and violence among employees is less likely if everyone knows that their actions are recorded. Plus there is a video recording of the incident facilitates the resolution of disputes.


save time

If you have a business with multiple locations, remote check can save you time and money on travel in each of these places and will allow you to do more. Without leaving your office, you will easily be able to ensure that the new banners / stands are placed, employees are working productively, and the stocks of goods delivered on time.


reduce the number of cases of vandalism and theft

View video camera deters criminals from theft and vandalism before it happens. As a result, the majority of criminals from getting into more easy and less protected targets.


Saving money on insurance

video Surveillance can prevent false or fraudulent claims against you or your clients. Especially vulnerable are businesses that serve the population. Many insurance companies will offer preferential rates liability insurance for the businesses in which security cameras were installed. Contact your insurance agent to find out if you qualify.


Security zones with restricted access

Many businesses have areas with limited access. These places can include safes, inventory of valuable data, servers or sensitive information. Video surveillance system will help protect these areas and monitor who accesses them.


to Reassure customers

When customers see the used cameras, they know that you are a business who values security and safety.


Monitor employees

42 % reduction in inventory in the retail trade caused by the theft of employees. Make sure your employees are honest using applications remote monitoring.


Increase productivity of employees

analysis of the records of video surveillance to identify ineffective business processes.


Resolve disputes and to collect evidence of injuries and accidents

Fraudulent claims can be a huge problem for business. The availability of high-quality video recordings of the event may limit your liability.


Monitoring the habits of the customers to improve the quality of service

video Surveillance can be a powerful tool to improve your business. See how people move around your store to better accommodate goods with high interest.



the Local codes and insurance companies require that a sensitive industry had video surveillance with very specific and strict rules.

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