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currently differ significantly from past years. As a result, the client is very difficult to determine what he really needs. Therefore, next, we consider some trends in web development will be relevant this year.


Artificial intelligence (AI)

This is the future of web development, as well as one of the most important components of any strategy of digital transformation to date. Industry of artificial intelligence will receive a 70% growth by the end of this year, according to estimates, it will reach $ 1.2 trillion.


the Internet of things (IoT)

the Internet has an impact on all spheres of people's lives. Nowadays, almost everyone depends on the Internet in any form. Business organizations also use the Internet as a reliable means of communication that helps them to expand geographic coverage.

currently, all the organization collected and confident to use the potential of intelligent technologies and sensors embedded in consumer devices such as smartphones and other consumer durables. The interaction of smart devices with support for the IoT will play a key role in the provision of services in web development a whole new generation of web services.


single page application (SPA)

This is a website or web application that interacts with the user by dynamically rewriting the current page, not loading new pages from the server. This approach allows us to avoid interrupting the user interaction between successive pages, so that the application behaves like a desktop application.


Technology of the blockchain

At present, various sectors are adopting the blockchain in your business and make managing it have a glass, giving them a beginning for the realization of system transformation in the new era.


Motion UI

This is a Sass library to create a custom CSS transitions and animations. Initially, this updated version included with the basis for applications include more reliable parameters of the transition, the system queues the animation, and flexible CSS templates that can work with any animation library JavaScript.


More superior designs and adaptability

the Past few years, web development focused only on functionality and ease of the web site, which is the dominant trend in the field of web design and development services. But at the beginning of this year, there is a tendency to use more images, animations and shapes for responsive web design to meet the growing market demand for brighter designs as web designers and developers.


Chat-bots and push notifications

currently, the service support is a very important criterion as the it and other sectors. Therefore, it is necessary to have on your website the integration of chat-bots, and push notifications for quality assistance in design and development. Push notifications have become one of the most important components of most web sites. Chatbot same way will make life easier and will help in customer relations.


Low level code development

Providing faster and easier ways to develop and deploy code for web design and development will facilitate rapid development of excellent web-sites without the need of experienced professionals in the field of programming.


AR MR VR (augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality)

AR, and VR is the futuristic technology that could change the ways of interacting with web sites. Companies like Google, Samsung and Microsoft, are investing heavily in these technologies. You can offer users an immersive experience of the virtual world using virtual reality. In a mixed reality (MR) combines elements of both AR and VR interact with real and digital objects. She is just beginning to gain momentum with Microsoft HoloLens.



currently, the greatest threat to it professionals or companies constitute violations of data privacy and confidentiality.

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