iPhone XS Best covers


If you bought a new iPhone XS, then you immediately need to think about buying a suitable case. Next, we will consider how best to choose.



This is the best and reliable case with waterproof protection up to 10 m and fall protection from a height of 2 m. It also designed with acoustic membranes for better transmitting of the call sound and the best touch-screen technology.



years after the case-book first appeared on the market, it remains one of the most popular on the market. It can store your credit cards, has a removable hard case and looks like a classic leather-bound book.


Case-ZeroLemon battery

battery Case ZeroLemon stands out thanks to a certified Apple Lightning connector. This is a powerful little unit provides sufficient charge to charge your iPhone XS a second time.


Case-Mate Waterfall

it's Hard to keep my eyes away from this stunning metal body with a waterfall and a snow globe in one. Don't let the spray be fooled: this case offers serious protection from a fall. If you don't like waterfalls, there are plenty of other style options to choose from.


Nomad Rugged Tri Folio

With this amazing case you can completely eliminate the need for a wallet. It has eight credit card slots and a pocket for cash, but whatever it was it will still protect your phone from drops.



You don't want a thick case covers your great phone, but want him to still have been protected? You can choose Totallee with its ultra-thin chassis. You will not get more protection from a fall with a case thickness of about the size of my nail (more precisely 0.02 inches), but at least it will protect the gadget from scratches.


Waterfield Ranger

If you are looking for a durable leather case holster for the new XS, consider the Ranger case from Waterfield. A convenient outer pocket to store your headphones or a little money.


the Presidio Speck Inked

Line-Speck Inked Presidio includes charming patterns without sacrificing excellent protection. If a favorite dessert of Homer do not like it, there are many other colorful options to choose from.

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