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Overview of the most interesting galaxies from the catalog of Arp

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Hagalaxy Arp 81

The object Arp 81 is a strongly interacting pair of galaxies that we see after about 100 million years after their rapprochement. Arp 81 is composed of NGC 6621 (right) and NGC 6622 (left). NGC 6621 is the larger of the two, and is an active spiral galaxy. As a result of collisionalsion at the NGC 6621 appeared a long tail that extends to the top of the image. Collision caused the formation of large regions of star formation between the two galaxies. Scientists believe that Arp 81 contains much more massive young star clusters, galaxies than the famous antennas (which are much closer than Arp 81). The pair is in the constellation Draco, some 300 million light-years from Earth.

Galaxy Arp 87

Another object - Arp 87 is a stunning pair of interacting galaxies. Streams of stars, gas and dust from large spiralgalaxy NGC 3808, which form a sleeve wrapped his companion. The shape of both galaxies was distorted by mutual gravitational interaction. In addition it is clear that in these interacting galaxies, stars and gas flow from one galaxy to another. This photo was taken in February 2007 Telescope. Hubble. Arp 87 nahoditsya in the constellation Leo, at a distance of 300 million light years from Zemli.

Galaxy Arp 147

In this photo a couple of intriguing gravitationally interacting galaxies called Arp 147. The two galaxies are oriented so that itand look like figure 10. Left galaxy, or « edinichka » in this image, is relatively calm, except for a smooth ring of stars. Looks like she is nearly edge-on to us. Right galaxy, « & raquo ;, zero indicates the presence of massive blue ring of intense star formation. Blue rings probably formed after thatof the galaxy « edinichka » passed through the galaxy « zero & raquo ;. Arp 147 is located in the constellation Cetus, more than 400 million light-years from Earth.

Galaxy Arp 148

This photo shows stunning Arp 148s consequences of a collision between two galaxies. Collision between two host galaxies caused a shock wave, snatching matter their center, which then spread out forming a ring. Infrared observations indicate a strong field of blackout, which appears as a dark band of dust in the nucleus visible in optical light.Arp 148 is located in the constellation Ursa Major, about 500 million light years from Earth.

Galaxy Arp 194

Interactive Group Arp 194 contains several galaxies, along with a "cosmic fountain" of stars, gas and dust, towh ich extends more than 100 000 light years. Two cores of colliding galaxies can be seen in the process of merging in the upper left corner. Blue Bridge outer material that comes out of the top of galaxies looks as if it is connected to the bottom of the galaxy, but in reality, the lower is the background galaxy and is not relatedwith the top. Blue "fountain" is the most striking feature of this galaxy group and contains a set of star clusters produced in the collision.

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