Electrical panel: the Importance of its installation


Switchboards are an integral part of the electrical system of any home. They direct the electricity around him, and at the same time include safety switches to protect from electric shock, minimizarea overload and short circuit protection ().

so when was the last time you had an electrician checking a fuse box in your house? Many homeowners are not aware of the importance of service storey of the switchboard or triggers that signal the need to update, including:

  • flashing lights;
  • power-off;
  • short circuit protection.

They can often be the first indication that the electrical panel was out of date.

Why you need to install the electrical panel in the house?

the Importance of this device is that it effectively controls the power distribution throughout the house. This is especially important in older apartment buildings, where not only was the story Board, but in General otsutstvovala any electrical device. The requirements for electrical switchboard once was much lower in buildings that lacked energy-only furnace, cooler and heater, plus one or two small appliances such as toaster and iron.

However, today almost in each apartment you can see a few computers printers, televisions, audio and security systems, blenders, mixers, the list goes on. For the safety and protection of each device modern switchboards now have circuit breakers instead of fuses. If the network is congested, the switch will automatically shut down to avoid damage or zahoreni device.

isn't it Expensive to replace or install floor electrical panel?

compared to electric shock or fire in the house, any investment in their prevention should be considered small. Even without the potential risks posed by outdated electrical panel, the time and cost for upgrades switch should be considered small.

Who can set up a story Board?

Licensed electricians are the only people that can service, test and upgrade floors electrical panel. Hiring a certified electrician for this task = is not just good advice, it's the law. Also after installing updates Electrosite it is important to test the device. This is an important step, and the time required and the complexity of the process can vary depending on the updates of the device.

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