How to choose the College of design after grade 9


College is the right decision for those who by the ninth grade declared a major. First of all, it will allow two years before start teaching a desirable profession that is so valuable for the industries in which the key role is played by practice. Such, for example, as the interior design. What should pay attention, choosing the College of design next.

Where to go after 9 class

interior Design - an area in which very easy "to keep up with the steam engine", tracking the latest news and without updating the baggage of knowledge. This also applies to aesthetics, trends, and purely practical points: programs, communication with customers, availability of new materials. Because it is important that programs are updated regularly, and teachers were practitioners and not just theorists. And, of course, not without a good material and technical base, the availability of computers with the right software.

Matching requests time, the program also needs to give a solid classical Foundation. First and foremost, this concerns the canonical art education subjects, such as drawing, painting, composition, sculpture. They are necessary for the development of visual perception, the ability to build a harmonious image. Competent approach to programming in which modernity does not conflict with the classic, different colleges on the basis of higher educational institutions, such for example, as of the BOOK.

Applicants who plan to enroll in Moscow and Saint Petersburg offer a greater selection in comparison to the regional centres. Educational institutions in these cities are the first to abandon the outdated programs and implement innovative teaching methods.

What you need to know interior designer

to Get a job immediately after graduation, and, ideally, already during their studies - this is the dream of each applicant. Because in the educational program should be a lot of practical tasks, working on real projects and implement them. First, it will allow you to develop a creative portfolio which you can show to the employer and to the customer. Secondly- will give the necessary experience "in the field", without which it is impossible to become a successful and sought-after expert.

it is Important to practice a sufficient amount was provided by the school itself, and that the student is not forced to choose between cramming and the desire to bring their ideas to life. Fortunately, many schools involve students to work on "live projects".

in order To not spend time in vain and not to be disappointed in your chosen profession, you need to devote sufficient time to study information about the College - from the curriculum to the feedback of graduates. In this case, College can be the first step to a career as an interior designer.

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