The vumbilding: 5 simple exercises to tone your intimate areas

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Today, a growing number of the fairer sex are beginning to realize that intimate muscles also need regular training as usual all the press, buttocks, arms and legs. As a result, today the huge popularity gained vumbilding exercise of the vaginal muscles, with specials. exercises that can help you solve a lot of problems during childbirth, during recovery, and in sexual life.

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5 exercises vumbilding:

  1. Breathing the relaxed belly. You need to lie on your back, then take a deep breath and exhale, the palms of the hands should be placed 1 on the belly, and the 2nd - on the chest. Again, take a deep breath in, the chest should not rise, but rise it should be the stomach. When you get the hand try to perform this exercise while standing and sitting. It acts as a sedative and significantly improves blood circulation.
  2. Train the muscles of the clitoris. For 5 min, draw and shoot the muscle of the clitoris (similar to the suspension of the emission of urine). Every time after that, increase the compression rate, and muscle tension, in the end, you should be slightly excited. Then you need to add popping (some you push and relax). How things will turn out - combine these movements. To do these exercise you 5 times a day.
  3. Lie on the floor, slightly bend your knees and pull your anus. Make a little break and relax. To do this exercise it is necessary for 10-15 minutes a day until then, until you learn to comply with its involvement of the muscles of the buttocks and the press.
  4. Become, put hands on hips and feet shoulder width apart, so that the socks were deployed in different directions. Spreading her knees out to the sides, slowly begin to squat. Need to stoop as low as you possibly can for 15 seconds hold this position. After that, you need to slowly rise to the starting position. Repeat 20 times.
  5. Blinking. For 5 min in turn relax and bend the clitoris to the anus.

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