The medical book: Why and who needs it?

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the Medical (sanitary) book is an official document that each employer must require the prospective employee during employment. It is a guarantee that the employee is ready to perform professional duties. During the working process, as is known, the specialist interacts with others: clients, partners, employees. Therefore, it is in any case should not threaten other people (i.e. their health). Health book - that the admission of a person to work in society. By the way, if you need the data document, then the website help! Here you can buy for an affordable price.

Many employers, especially private companies, to neglect the passage of their staff screening, lamenting the fact that it is a private matter for each individual. There is no arguing but only when it comes to your colleagues. I think you will not find a single person who would want to work with a patient on some kind of an infectious, communicable disease. For example, the SARS doctors recommend to recover at home, so as not to infect other people. From this we can conclude that, in the 1st place, medical book needs to staff those areas that are directly in contact with people (food service, education, services, medicine and trade).


How to?

a Medical book you can place in any medical set-up that provides the service. A prerequisite for its design is to provide the following documents: the results of x-ray examination, vaccination certificate, photos 3x4, passports, old honey. the owner, if any, the questionnaire, and application for receipt medknizhki.

the examination involves passing all the necessary experts and then mark about full health of the person and his admission to work. After all the specialists, you must receive a mark of chief doctor with the stamp of admission on production. Further, a certified sanitary air-pass to check on the production itself.

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