Why wear silver jewelry good for health?

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Since ancient times, people sought the healing properties in gemstones and minerals. For example, rings and various charms were designed to prevent certain hazards and protection from evil forces.

In any lombari or jewelry store you will encounter sellers who sell stones that they claim have healing properties. From the Indian Vedas to the wonders of alchemy there is a long history of belief systems, wrapped in the healing properties of gemstones and metals. Indeed, the Royal tribes originally wore gems not only as symbols of wealth and power, but also as protection from disease and evil.

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advantages of the silver jewelry

due to the combination of price, value and appearance, silver today has surpassed gold as the base metal for jewelry. But its advantages go beyond accessibility and aesthetics

  • as the metal silver has significant health benefits that have been used in different cultures for centuries. It is a powerful antimicrobial agent that fights infections and helps in the prevention of colds and flu, wound healing, etc. Silver also helps to regulate the internal heat, the circulation of energy, clarity and immune function;
  • Silver has a long history in the field of antibiotics and sterilization, and many women and men, wearing the silver jewelry prevent the flu and all other viruses, bacteria. Silver also keeps our blood vessels elastic, which plays an important role in the formation and healing of bones and skin. Finally, silver has a direct tangible benefit, to help us avoid potentially toxic substances;
  • Some people even go beyond the silver jewelry and wear a sleep mask, adorned with silver, for improved night's rest, or silver gloves to work on the laptop, in order to protect themselves from the transmission of electronic signals from equipment to your body.

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