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In Europe still consider the sword of 1 of the most deadly and efficient of the varieties of knives. Main +" this weapon are: many fencing techniques, convenience, the possibility of a fatal lightning "shots", ease as well as protection forward of the brush.

Directly after the appearance of the sword, fencing has become a real art full of deadly beauty and grace, as well as having its own philosophy.

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History the appearance of the sword

the Emergence of a sword in the 15th century contributed to widespread resistant to slashing attacks steel armor, but the application of the piercing the ball was pretty effective. Homeland sword historians consider Italy, but whatever it was, the art of owning it quickly spread throughout Europe. 1-I am the sword was nothing more than a light sword with a complex hilt. Further, this weapon is divided into civil and martial sword. In the past, due to the greater weight of the razor blades, sohranyat the opportunity to deliver chopping blows, in addition to prodding.

In those days, all the nobles mandatory to the court to be armed. But since sword fighting was pretty uncomfortable for daily wear, eventually came the rapier, having a narrower blade and less weight. And in the sixties of the 17th century the world saw the civil short swords, equipped with a faceted blade. They were light, and this, in turn, gave them to the owner of the superiority in speed of fencing.

Initially, the blade of the sword had a hexagonal shape with valleys, and in the sixties of the 17th article appeared triangular form with the Dol. Hex blades enjoyed the greatest popularity in Germany and the Netherlands. In Italy preferred delespine of the sword, and in England single edge.

Produced swords only masters of their craft. And most of all it was not a blacksmith skill, and engineering.

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