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the quality of the repair depends largely on the qualifications of professionals performing the work and a properly sized material. The company's choice starts with the familiarity of the site. Sites should be contact information, addresses, examples of already executed works, customer reviews. In St. Petersburg one of the most famous companies, which is on the first line of the rating, the company is "Repair of 78". On the website - published information, which is enough to choose this company for the repair of the apartment.

Performs any work associated with the renovation of the premises: repair, beauty, luxury and repair of economy class. They will differ only by the cost of materials, the volume and complexity of work performed, but in any case, no quality. The quality is equally at repair of premises of any type. The most complex and comprehensive is the repair of the apartments in new buildings, acquired in a draft repair without finishing. Most buyers prefer to change the layout, to independently conceive the design and interior space.


Repair of apartments in new building

Reasons to change the plan a lot. Burn may include the redevelopment of 4-room or Vice versa - to 2-bedroom with great footage of the premises that now prefers most. In this case, the repair includes:

Accordingly, the plan change to buy the material. In "the Fixation of 78" he's at the lowest prices, as purchased directly from the manufacturers at wholesale prices.


Quality of repair and cost

Work is performed only by professionals: designers, electricians, plumbers, plastering and finishes, each responsible for its part. The master control all the processes. The cost of repairs is calculated at the first visit the Manager fit into the allocated budget. On the website information about promotions: discounts and gifts to newcomers, for those who pay immediately the full amount for the repairs, neighbors, ordered the repair of "turnkey". The cost of 1 sq. m. repair starts from 3 thousand rubles, and increases with increasing complexity.

  • change project;
  • the
  • removal or installation of partitions;
  • the
  • change the wiring;
  • the
  • modify or Supplement heating systems.

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