Radiators: Main types


the Radiators Purmo brand, have many positive characteristics that have become popular in the market. These devices are intended for use in pumping systems of Central heating. An important condition for applications is that the system needs to be created from synthetic, copper or black steel pipes with anti-diffusion barrier.

it is Important to in the system, connect these radiators as coolant was the water. The radiators from this manufacturer can be used in gravitational systems. In this case, it is necessary to consider the limitations, which depend on the hydraulic resistance.

product Benefits:

  • feature a simple design;
  • the
  • high workmanship quality and availability of different opportunities to connect to the system;
  • the
  • affordable price.

Varieties of radiators

panel type Radiators are equipped with convection elements and profiled panels, which are subjected to heating process. The design of the radiator has an upper removable cover and lining along the sides. These elements if necessary, you can remove to clean the product from dust. With multiple thread holes standard diameter, the radiator can be connected to the system left and right.

Manufacturer monitors the quality of the radiators, so in the production special attention is paid to the control of all processes. In a production environment, the experts check each product for leaks. All the tests suggest the presence of certain conditions and pressure. An important feature of Purmo radiators is that they the manufacturer gives a ten year guarantee.

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