The benefits of using lathe CNC


or CNC computer lathe with numerical control is the latest type of lathe that is available at present. He has a completely different and much simpler method of installation and operation of the machine, and it includes highly advanced methods and processes. In fact, they quickly replaced earlier types of lathes in several production units and machining stations.

currently they are widely used by many users around the world (by the way, in Ukraine you can buy them ), because they can perform many operations that cannot spend on other lathes.


"+" lathe CNC machine

  • There are many advantages of using lathe CNC:
  • high-power axial drive;
  • feedback Control for control and support of the tool position;
  • high speed;
  • Re-move complex machinery, etc.;
  • in addition, once a program is verified, the corresponding operation can be quickly set up again, instead of doing tedious manual adjustment;
  • Lathe CNC can also precisely cut curved shapes without the use of special tools for molding. It is possible, programming a variable speed of two motion axes and the spindle simultaneously;
  • Lathes with CNC is easy to install and easy to operate. First and foremost, they help to implement innovative methods of production to maximize the use of the latest technology. Machine components are pre-configured and tool path pre-planned with the help of CAD and CAM processes. Then programmed the file is tested and loaded to the device, then the operator issues the appropriate commands to activate the necessary parts of the machine;
  • the Ease of setting, operation, repeatability and accuracy. They are designed to use modern tools and after the installation of the machine it can continuously operate for long time under casual observation by the operator; Lathe CNC machine is controlled electronically through the interface menu of the computer. The corresponding program may be displayed on the machine along with a virtual watching of the process. In addition, the user can even modify the program as necessary;
  • These lathes are usually set and managed by the same person; and the operator can easily supervise a small batch of cars;
  • currently on the market readily available a wide range of machines of various specifications and different sizes. These modern machines are completely closed to maintain industrial safety standards. In addition, thanks to the rapid development of technology these lathe machines are constantly updated. They include various types of user interfaces.

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