LEGO "Nexo knights" - the best gift for your child


LEGO for over 35 years, sells designers with medieval knights. But a few years ago they were replaced by a series Nexo Knights. These knights of the modern, use technology they are brave and strong. The developers came up with a real universe - the middle Kingdom Yitonia, where you live and all the heroes. Let's consider the main advantages of designers .



Nexo Knights, but as other LEGO sets made in a stunning manner. The range of this series is:

  • special weapons (fighter, dragon, drill-machine, ATV, etc.);
  • heroes (Aaron, Macey, Axel, clay, lance), and their combat armor;
  • buildings (a mobile fortress Fortreks, the headquarters of Jestro, castle Knighton);
  • power NEXO (absolute and combos), etc.

Smooth elements of this design will appeal to every kid. Parts can be easily joined with the help of unique to LEGO ground on a plant ledges and grooves. Hallmark LEGO, Nexo knights, allowing you to easily distinguish an original from a fake - a brand signature on all the circles + the lack of detail on the cast seams.



Assembly of this design will bring fun for inquisitive young children. Parents can teach their children the correct way to fold the parts with the instructions. Also, you can create fighters and relying on his imagination, without any illustrations.

Thus, engineering the child 100% will work better. In addition, it will be easier to be perceived space and objects directly in it.

the Head, feet and hands of the characters Nexo Knights are interchangeable, but the collection and all can be mixed together, thereby expanding fabulous Natonio, adding to it new and new buildings, as well as of the County.

Among the undisputed advantages of LEGO you can provide an opportunity to train fine motor skills of hands. As a result, the fingers of the baby will be mashed during the game and during the lessons of physical culture, writing, and playing guitar or piano.

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