Prepare for the exam and the OGE in small groups: Key benefits


Despite all the debates related to the preparation for the exam and the OGE in the group, many students prefer group training because it helps to get a good knowledge and a clear concept. By the way, if you are interested you can ensure proper training. Next, we'll talk about the main "+" learning in small groups.


advantages of preparation for the exam and the OGE in small groups:

  • learning occurs faster and more efficiently. Studying together in groups, students usually learn faster and more efficiently than self-learning. Suppose you find it difficult to understand one section of the Chapter, but it may be quite clear to your fellow students. When you learn in a group, you can quickly learn the concept of asking questions to his friend. Thus, you do not need napryagat your mind by studying the subject. Similarly, you can help others when it is difficult to understand where you have a clear concept;
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  • the Development of thinking. At the same time exam preparation in mini-groups are competitive and cooperative. Also it helps to develop critical thinking because the questions and explanations are solely in the discussions. such training creates an interactive environment that not only helps to improve knowledge but also enhances learning. There are several aspects that you can skip during the self-study. But when you study in group, the probability to miss something equal to zero;
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  • You won't stop. When you learn alone, you can find some excuses to rationalize the delay of your study. You might want to go to Facebook or get some sleep. Classes in mini-group on the contrary you are encourage not to stop and not distract from the educational process;
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  • Away the monotony. One of the biggest disadvantages of self-training is boredom. No wonder you feel the monotony when you learn alone. However, the problem is that boredom makes you lose focus, and you can engage in some other action or delay school. When you learn in groups, monotony, and boredom is impossible because you have other fellow students to interact and learn in a friendly environment that encourages learning;
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  • Get instant answers to your questions. When you study any object, your consciousness can appear numerous questions. However, you need to wait to ask your teacher or tutor to answer for the same. Until this question you can forget. On the other hand, when you learn in a group, you have other students with whom you can consult when a question arises or you face difficulty in solving the problem.

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