The advantages of natural organic food for health

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the Organic food industry is a thriving business and in the near future the growth will be even more successful. At that time, as some consumers buy organic products because they believe that it is better for the environment, more people are doing it for reasons related to health. By the way, buy natural products at an affordable price in our online store .


organic food: Why are they healthy?

If you choose to buy organic products, here are some bonuses that you will get in return:


    Fewer pesticides and heavy metals. Fruits, vegetables and grains that are marked organic are grown without the use of harmful synthetic pesticides or artificial fertilizers. (National Council for organic standard allows the use of certain synthetic substances which are completely safe).

    Safe fats. According to the study in 2016 in the British journal of nutrition, organic food can contain about 50% omega-3 fatty acids, a healthy type of unsaturated fat than usual products. Organic milk tested in the study also contain less saturated fat than non-organic. "These differences can come from, how to grow organic food on the grass and a large amount of time in the outdoors," say the authors of the study. They believe that the transition from conventional to organic products would increase consumption of omega-3 consumers without increasing calories or saturated fat;

    No antibiotics or synthetic hormones. Of course, the usual animal can prescribe antibiotics to protect against disease, that makes it easier for farmers raising animals in crowded or unsanitary conditions. Don't worry, antibiotics or synthetic hormones will never be in organic meat and dairy products;

    More antioxidants. In a recent six-year study in the journal Chemistry of agriculture and food researchers have discovered that organic onion has about 20% more antioxidants than traditionally grown onions. They also suggested that previous analyses, which found no differences in the levels of conventional and organic antioxidants can be disrupted by too short periods of research or a sharp change in the weather.

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