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Where to buy and where to sell ancient coins?

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Many collectors of various coins interested in the question: whom to contact to produce a realistic assessment? Of course, you should not trust unverified individuals offering their services on various boards in the network. Often there is a Scam, the purpose of which is to purchase expensive collectible coins at the lowest possible price. Not worth starting a cooperation with them: because you risk just wasting losing your time and most importantly - a rare coin which could bring you a good income.

Not wasting any time, please contact First numismatic Bureau successfully existing since 1999. Today it is cooperating with many collectors, among them as professionals, collecting coins of various periods, and newcomers have only recently begun to replenish their collections. Conveniently, the portal numismatic Bureau can at any time to consult an expert, ask him all the questions.

Perhaps you have collection of old coin made of precious metal and you do not even suspect how high the cost. Take a picture of the coin and send photo professionals who quickly determine the year of its release, its status and features, and then call its final price. is quick and easy.

Many beginners recently fascinated by collecting coins, seeking to bring their appearance to perfection. They clean them with various pastes, including those you can buy in specialized stores, selling numismatic products. Cleaning the coins should be approached cautiously, in many cases plaque is noble patina adds value to the coin. If in your collection there are rare instances, their cleaning is better to trust the professional restorers who will come to the task with all responsibility. You can count on the best results.

Today, a variety of auctions, private individuals and companies offering buying coins, there are many

moreover, their number is constantly increasing. You will not go wrong if in the near future will begin mutually beneficial cooperation with the First numismatic Bureau. His clients know that it is here and implement various collectible coins from different countries badges, can be most beneficial. I should add that the Bureau strictly adheres to confidentiality. At any time you can meet with an expert who will produce a fair assessment of your coins, after which it will be redeemed at the best price.

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