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In matters of construction both private and legal persons to seek help in a construction organization. The reason is that to perform a full range of construction and repair work will require knowledge, skills and special tools. The experience and professionalism of the masters depends on the quality of the work done. The problem is that not all the construction organizations performing in front of a customer commitment. Often have to employ several contractors. Additional time is spent on monitoring compliance with technical and project documentation. Is it possible to reduce time losses and save money, starting the construction of a private home or office?

All services from a single contractor

With economic considerations is more profitable when the whole process is directed by one company. In this case, it is responsible for compliance with deadlines, quality of completed work. To ask for help in the company a Single contractor . Its staff is represented by specialists in various fields working at high professional level to provide a wide range of services:

  • detail design taking into account wishes and requests of the specific client;
  • the
  • selection of building materials;
  • the
  • preparation of construction documents;
  • the
  • the performance of construction works;
  • the
  • roughing and finishing furnish of premises;
  • the
  • of utilities;
  • the
  • cleaning up after repair;
  • the
  • delivery of ready object in operation.

Among the customers as individuals and numerous companies and enterprises. The contractor uses only high quality building materials, special tools and special equipment. The work involved only by experienced and qualified professionals. This allows us to provide a full range of construction and repair work at the highest level.

if Possible to save on construction?

one of the obvious advantages it is worth noting significant savings of money. Agency Single Contractor is a group of companies in various fields of work. Among them are the largest producers and suppliers of building materials, tools and equipment, cleaning companies, transport companies. Coordinated work of all departments guarantees the compactness of the construction time and reduce overall costs.

the Construction and repair of turnkey - opportunity to reduce costs without compromising quality.

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