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Gone are the times when the best cookware sets we put in a cupboard under the glass, where you could admire every guest in your home. The interiors of the XXI century is minimalistic in its design and often contain glass, but one of them remains the same live flowers in a vase. Such a composition can liven up any style, introducing bright colors, but the colors look harmonious with the cold hi-tech, special attention should be given to the product in which they are located. Modern luxury will appreciate the variety of shapes, textures and sizes, and their correct selection to fit perfectly into the interior of the room, becoming one with him.


Some vases to give preference to?

Choose the vase follows from the personal preferences and peculiarities of design of the room. A very large role and color palette of the product. A practical option would be a glass vase standard geometry. Especially popular are the rounded vases, often used inappropriately, and as a decorative element of the room. Popular are earthenware and porcelain vases, with detailed drawing. It will be interesting to know that there is a special series expensive models depicting famous paintings of the world artists, so that they become a real asset to your home, emphasizing the status of its owners.

In a series should make a vase with precious gems and metals. They rarely selected the interior style and are a separate independent element of the house, emphasizing the luxury of the house. Is often put on the Central place of the room, delighting their impeccable forms. Huge selection of vases, so every buyer can find the perfect option for your home.

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