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the Modern construction sector is characterized by its diversity. Indeed, today in the construction of various structures using various techniques and materials. It should be noted that almost every building material has its counterpart. Meanwhile, it is impossible to find replacement to such a versatile material like concrete. For many years, the concrete used in each construction. It is necessary for the construction of houses and fences, walkways and many other structures and materials. the production of concrete has its own characteristics and peculiarities. small amounts of solution can be knead by yourself. In turn, large volumes of solution, usually bought from large manufacturers. Concrete shall comply with the applicable state standards. The company RBU carries out the sale and delivery of concrete of own production on favorable terms and at the best prices in Balashikha.

Production of concrete is based mainly on the blending between certain components. Be sure to mortar include cement as well as sand and gravel. Ingredients with the addition of water are thoroughly mixed among themselves until a homogeneous mass. The consistency of the prepared solution should be slightly thickish. At present, in the concrete production are widely used various additives. Using them can significantly improve the quality of the solution and to improve performance properties of concrete. After hardening of the concrete is the artificial stone. It should be noted that the concrete quality is evaluated by some parameters such as strength, density, thermal conductivity. After preparation of the solution, it must promptly deliver to the destination. Otherwise, the concrete can lose its original properties.

the Company RBU for many years professionally engaged in the production of concrete of various grades. The company has modern equipment and uses only quality components. Ready products are fully compliant with applicable state Standards and standards. All products are provided with the technical passports and certificates. At each stage of production tests are performed. Having your own vehicle allows you to deliver the concrete around the clock.

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