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the Usual oven Breneman is a structure made of solid metal with numerous welded components, creating forced convection. The air in this case is heated in a minimally short time and is distributed across the premises. If we talk about the design of such models, it is quite tricky the up coming warm air and the cold is sucked from under the floor covering. Any pipe provided here is able to warm up for a short period of time. With regard to the temperature, it ranges from sixty to one hundred and fifty degrees. The amount of time that will burn the stove with one tab, depends from the quality of the wood, the height of the chimney, finishing work and other. If the installation will be performed correctly and in accordance with all specified requirements, the furnace will produce heat for seven more hours.

What are the advantages offered by its products?

  1. maximum efficiency
  2. the
  3. to be able to exploit in the bath and in the kitchen, in the country;
  4. the
  5. instant heating of the room absolutely any size and powerful heating of the air;
  6. the
  7. possibility to modify according to their taste preferences;
  8. the
  9. efficiency;
  10. the
  11. complete independence from gas and electricity;

it is Important to say that regardless of the specifics of design, bath furnace Breneman in many respects superior to the competitors. Preferring these products, modern citizens are guided by the absence of malicious impurities and secretions into the air. Equally important is the fact that the structure is time-tested.

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