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All the men though rarely, but still interested in the question: "How to improve the potency?". And then it does not matter if they have problems in the sexual sphere or not. No woman will argue with the fact that the quality of sexual life largely depends on the duration and the extent of the reaction of her partner. Today, there are numerous methods to increase the potency at home, but in such a sensitive issue it is better not to be engaged in Amateur performance, and it is better to consult a doctor and follow the recommendations of the it expert. Next, we take a closer look at the basic methods of increase potency.


traditional medicine

traditional methods of fighting male "impotence," is the most accessible, but at the same time, and the least effective. From a purely medical point of view, the use of certain of them is justified, really don't forget about the individual characteristics of the human body, as well as a huge variety of reasons that could be a catalyst for the degradation reaction. As a result, the use of various elixirs or tinctures that have been made "folk medicine guru", can have quite unforeseen consequences for your well-being!



This is the most effective and popular method of improving the reaction. Most popular oral drugs to increase potency are viagra (sildenafil), cialis (tadalafil), evitra (vardenafil), as well as various dietary SUPPLEMENTS (by the way, these tools at an affordable price you can buy in the online pharmacy ). In addition, the market also has all kinds of injection tools and ointments.



strong reduced potency in 15 20 of all cases is a consequence of all sorts of violations in men's head . The reason may be: increased mental stress, a history of stress, chronic lack of sleep or unpleasant emotions, which are directly related to sex. To establish the real cause of erectile dysfunction can only specialist (therapist), after carrying out special tests.



Men with obesity different types of neglect physical exercise, much more likely to become impotent than those representatives of the stronger sex, who on a regular basis pulls miles in the fresh air or go to the gym and been hitting the iron. It's all about that fat deposits are the cause of increasing the production of female sex hormones, which directly inhibit testosterone.


Shockwave therapy

Sessions of the UFT help to create new blood vessels in locations of the penis, as a result, the potency, the patient recovers after only a couple of weeks.


Foods that increase potency

the Level of testosterone (the main sex hormone of men) can be increased with a special diet. In your diet should include the following foods: spinach, olive and Flaxseed oil, fish oil, asparagus, dairy products, seafood, pomegranate, honey, walnuts, pumpkin, celery, onion, coriander, figs, garlic, spices (cloves, hot pepper, ginger, cinnamon, and other), lean fish, and beef.



You probably have heard about medical banks that increase blood flow directly to the place where they were applied. Similarly functioning devices (vacuum pumps), which can restore functionality of the penis for a short period.



Manual impact on the organs and muscles of the reproductive system, improves blood circulation in this location area, relieves spasms, increases the sensitivity of the penis, and also has a beneficial effect on the psychological state of man.

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