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Teaching art and design in Moscow

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currently, the profession of designer is one of the most popular and prestigious on the market. However, in the creative environment of designers, as in any other profession, there is a lot of competition, which is hard enough without training, talent and professional education to achieve career heights. To be successful, needs a lot of work, and the first step to this will be receiving a special education designer at a school with a good base and experienced teachers.

the ICEJ is a leading College of design in Moscow

Despite the large number of educational institutions, the Moscow art-industrial College (the Institute of the BOOK) is considered the best College of art and design in Moscow. Opened in 1998, the College had produced thousands of students who today create successful advertising campaigns, participate in major exhibitions and shows, demonstrate their own clothing collections, etc.

College of the BOOK take on the basis of 9 and 11 classes to such a degree:

  • Graphic design.
  • the
  • fashion Design.
  • the
  • interior Design or environment.

the Main advantage of College is well designed programme of learning, which mastered, you can work on a specialty. So, combining theoretical knowledge and practical training, students gain a portfolio, find innovative solutions, improve their skills, to the max, revealing their potential. And for better consolidation of the theoretical base and practices of practices of students of the BOOK are taught by highly qualified teachers who have extensive experience and can find approach to every student.

in addition, is also interested in active creative life of students: regularly design parties, balls, exhibitions and screenings, invites you to participate in various activities. Thus, learning within the walls of the BOOK, students are able to practice to see how the design sketches and the sketches turn into real projects, and to meet with famous personalities.

Entrance exams: what subjects do you need to pass on designer?

admission To College of design each applicant passes the required exams, consisting of several stages:

  1. the Unified state exam in Russian language, mathematics and literature (the latter subject can be history).
  2. the
  3. for more creative tasks in the areas of drawing , Composition , Painting .

For each test for applicants to earn points, which in the end are summed up and determined the outcome of the exams. In addition, the Commission may request a portfolio of the applicant to look at the artwork and ability of the student. This system allows you to fully assess the potential students and select the best, able to master the training program.

By the way, to successfully prepare for exams, you can go through specific training (artistic courses), where even with no experience to get a professional art skills. Such preparatory courses offers and the Moscow College of the BOOK, after which entrants will be more likely to study in prestigious College of Moscow.

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