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the Modern world is fleeting. The business world is fast and does not tolerate delays. This is especially true of entrepreneurs who are continuously engaged in activities, collaborating with the companies directly located:

  • In the state
  • the
  • In the near abroad,
  • the
  • at the far borders of the country.

Practical, effective operational cooperation involves the carriage of goods of any purpose. The task is to send the goods to the nearest state or over the ocean should not be considered difficult and impossible. Is it really?

a reliable companion

Each task is doable. It is important to choose a trusted companion who can perfectly implement the logistics. Such a firm has today. Firm "Neolithic" carries out transportation of:

  • Automotive
  • the
  • Trunk
  • the
  • Navigation,
  • the
  • Aviation,
  • the
  • Multimodal,
  • the
  • Gruzoperevozki on Ukraine .

Customers are always offered a number of additional services. For example, the following: insurance of the goods, services, foreign trade agent, warehouse complex services and customs broker. It's all necessary. Additional options help you to quickly perform a difficult task given owner.

a Quality transportation company

Is definitely the highest level of service logistics. This level is determined by the feedback of clients to the company. Managers can flexibly and quickly solve all the difficult situations which are connected with international transportation of goods and people. Yet any multi-tasking processes in a company are clearly regulated.

Logistics services fully meet the customers ' requests. The price tags on the services to logistics:

  • Competitive
  • the
  • Just below the common,
  • the
  • Fully acceptable to our customers.

Take a pencil, this is important! You need to remember about maximum safety in international transportation of goods and people. Risks for customers are minimal (tax, osvedomitelley, management). Agreement always insured that provides far greater security of the service.

the Services of the transport company in a proactive manner. What similar means? For customers regularly offers the latest logistics solutions. Constantly improving the quality of service new and old customers. Firm never ceases to improve, the latest creates competitive advantage service. Thus increasing the level of international freight.

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