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Welcome to online furniture store! We offer kitchen furniture, standard kitchen, consulting designer, Assembly and delivery. The directory has everything you need for a cozy kitchen, at the best prices. How to choose a kitchen set? What is important to know? What data do you need to know about the room and something to think about before chatting with a Counsellor? Answers below.

kitchen Furniture chosen for the room size, taking into account the distance to the Windows, the location of the outlet for the exhaust, the placement of water, height of ceilings, sizes of kitchen equipment already purchased, and other factors. To begin with, it should make all the necessary measurements, and then proceed to the choice of furniture. The best option for those who have just started to think about the furniture after repair complex kitchen design, which can be experienced the employees of this store. They will talk about the benefits of materials that will help you choose the best for the price.

no matter what your budget, thanks to the cooperation with lots of factories, we will help you choose the highest quality option on the budget available, buy the kitchen without any extra costs. Range of website designed to option found for every taste, and we do discounts!

Countertops, sinks, countertops need to choose the price based on the characteristics of life, habits. Someone's kitchen favorite place in the house, and someone is preparing extremely rare, and there is no need to spend a lot on expensive resistant materials.

Cantina band should be comfortable and not take up too much space. And tables of natural wood look very rich and beautiful. But not less interesting options from different high quality materials, they are very practical and thought out from the point of view of contemporary design.

the Fronts of tempered glass with intricate designs will not leave anyone indifferent, the selection of options from manufacturers with good reputation in the market of furniture, worthy of attention. Sculpture, carving, exotic wood veneer, crystals, mirrors the Design of the kitchens is surprisingly diverse, and to pick up it for your home interesting, especially with the professional support of our specialists.

With furnishings kitchen small size requires a special approach to the development project: kitchen furniture should not be too much, but there should be a feeling of lack shelves and work surfaces. In addition, furniture for the kitchen small area needs to be compact and capacious at the same time. In such cases you should contact the consultant, providing them with the measurements. He advises how to choose kitchen furniture small kitchen properly, please check if there's a standard kitchen right size or the right design of the kitchen for the key.

the site presents a wide choice of all necessary furniture and appliances for the kitchen:

  • kitchen standard sizes and custom;
  • the
  • the selection of table sets, with different number of chairs, parameters and sizes of worktops;
  • the
  • selecting a kitchen corners in all price categories;
  • the
  • accessories for bars, bar furniture, high bar chairs;
  • the
  • decor, cute little things.

Want to choose everything you need for the kitchen, do not spend extra money and time? What could be easier than to order furniture for the kitchen and dining room city A. through the Internet offers a large number of manufacturers from around the world, from shelves to a complex fitted kitchen.

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