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what theatre it is best to go? Consider three proven option.


the Moscow New drama theatre

Abbreviated MND was opened in 22.01.1976 year in one of areas of Moscow. The basis of the troupe was the student aware of the School-Studio MXAT. Victor Manukov headed leadership. Director and lecturer, prior to that, he was Director of the course. After the opening performances played on modern Soviet and foreign playwrights. Vladimir Lansky led the team in 1978 and attracted young writers, including the famous L. Petrushevskaya. From 1989 to 2000, the guidance took a B. A. Lvov-Anokhin, the Director and theatre critic. In 2001, the theater was headed by Vyacheslav dolgacev. The troupe toured MND:

  • in Russian cities;
  • Europe;
  • in the United States of America.

Age artists on average thirty years, so the theatre can be called youth. He is a winner and the winner of theater festivals, world and Russian. This is worth a go to see talented young artists. The whole atmosphere is impregnated with the spirit of the theater, and colorful costumes and perfect acting to conquer all new spectators.


is fine

In 1996 received the status of state theatre. Artists in the theatre was the name of the former Soviet Union. Viktyuk is famous for its unconventional design plays a style that he started a theatrical direction. The repertoire includes 20 performances, performances of both the Roman Viktyuk, and other Directors.

the world-Famous performances unusual Director will not impress any theatergoer, and all lovers of experimental non-traditional destinations, you should visit this place at least once. By the way, also requires unconventional creative approach and extensive thoroughness



in 1914, Alexander Tairov organized a theatre at number 23 on the boulevards. In 2010, the creative head of the institution was Yevgeny Pisarev, the honoured artist of Russia. Here played by such distinguished actors as:

  1. Bochkin, Igor;
  2. Alentova Vera V.;
  3. wierzbicki, Victor and many others.

known for its Theatre performances, there are plenty to choose from to watch a good classic or modern setting. And though controversial Directors-innovators do not exist in this building, the theatre is famous for its spiritual atmosphere of the old two-story Moscow.

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