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the appearance of the office is essential to maintain the reputation of each company. A big role in this play and the quality of repair, because of the ease of use of office space directly affects the productivity of employees. Any reputable company is committed to the promotion of your corporate identity, therefore, it is desirable that all classrooms, conference halls, reception for visitors was decorated in the same way, using the original colors in the finish. This technique on a subconscious level gives customers and partners a sense of stability to the company and certainty of her purpose.

Design project

it is best if the development of the project of repairing the office will be engaged in professional designer. If the cost of the office space design company is not under force, it is possible to do on their own, to borrow one of the sample projects to the construction company or design the interior in a neat minimalist style. Some variants of the office space, see here:


the Renovation of the office building should be required to meet some basic requirements. Firstly, on a practical basis, because the office is the place to terrain. Doors, flooring, bathrooms, walls and Windows feel during the day is truly enormous loads. For this reason, all finishing materials used in the decoration of office premises must have a commercial class resistance. This applies in particular to flooring (laminate and linoleum), because they are subjected to abrasion the most.

Laying of engineering networks

Speaking about the repairs in the office, we should not forget that it is a place of accumulation of a huge amount of office equipment and other equipment that entails a lot of communication, wires and sockets. If these lines are stretched in disorder, the risk of short-circuiting or destruction of employees of electric shock. In addition, this office looks untidy and shows disrespect to the customer. That is why it is important that when the repair was made competent project electrical and low-voltage network and exactly realized in practice. Those wires that are not inside the wall, should be located in a special engineering boxes.

walls and ceilings

For the walls in the office typically use decorative plaster, or stain resistant dyes that allow wet cleaning. In more expensive versions of office finishes can be seen, the wall panels of wood. But the Wallpaper should refuse: they will create a completely misplaced in the working room at home.

the Ceiling in most offices is suspended. This design looks very appropriate, besides it allows you to hide all located near the ceiling of communication, wire lighting and ventilation system.

If you are moving into a new office, or had a plan to redecorate your space, you should contact a specialized construction company with significant experience in the arrangement of working space for your employees. Company Tricolor in 2003 provides a full range of services, including harmonization of redevelopment, design of electrical and low-voltage networks, as well as the design and renovation of office space. Among the completed projects of the company including such large objects as the Central branch of Sberbank in Moscow. For more information see website

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