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Well, who doesn't love to swim in the waters on a hot summer day, eat a fresh Apple straight from the tree, Pat a beloved dog or cat behind the ear. But have you ever wondered what all this could bring into your life unpleasant neighborhood in the form of parasites. And only the timely will be able to save humanity from this unpleasant disease.

Parasites in the body can get unexpectedly for a person, and even the generally accepted rules primerica hygiene (regular hand washing, handling of food) absolutely will not protect you from infection and many complicated consequences of their parasitic neighbours.


Test for the presence of parasites

it is Possible to assume the presence of parasites, using the answer to simple questions. If during the test more than three positive answers it is an occasion to urgently address their health:

  1. Itchy anus, in the morning;
  2. the Creaking of the teeth with the dream state, combined with the abundant salivation;
  3. Sick during the cleaning of the mouth;
  4. Active desquamation of large dermal plates on the upper and lower extremities;
  5. Acute feeling of hunger, until unconscious States;
  6. Observed skin manifestations of autoimmune reactions that were previously not seen;
  7. Pasty eyelids and exfoliate the skin around them;
  8. collapse without apparent reason;
  9. Problems with the gastrointestinal tract, which had never been disturbed;
  10. the Loss of body weight, against a great appetite;
  11. the Exacerbation of multiple chronic diseases;
  12. feeling unwell without any reason;
  13. Causeless fever with muscle pain.

methods in diagnostics of parasites in the body

of Course, you can go to the nearest clinic and take a lot of expensive tests for parasites, but it will take a lot of your personal time and may not always give the desired result.

Modern methods of diagnosis much better cope with the task and can accurately detect the localization of the lesion, type of the parasite and determine the therapy to ensure the safe withdrawal of parasites:

  • haemo scanning of an the newest research method, based on living drop of blood, will allow to establish the presence of all possible painful microorganisms and to select an individual program for recovery;
  • Bio-resonance testing will clearly guide the evaluation of the condition of the body generally, will establish the etiology of a parasitic process, give the necessary advice for the treatment of disease.

Diagnosis of parasites with the help of two small-scale studies will save your finances and nerves. You will receive the necessary guidance from the best experts and will be able in the future to protect yourself and your family from serious problems.

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