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People protein substance, the proteins necessary for life. What happens if a person eliminates from their diet, these substances and how to fill shortage?

There are many analogies of animal protein, which will nourish the body without compromising health. Protein products is essential not only for athletes!

the Importance of protein

Protein compounds that form the membranes of cells, components of muscle, bone and connective tissues. Carry out the transport of valuable substances together with the blood (lipids, oxygen). Special substances that ensure the functioning of the immune system (immunoglobulins). The shortage of the amount of carbohydrates and fats in the diet, during fasting, spent accumulated protein material. They serve as a source of energy for the cells.

the Shortage of protein in the diet causes the development of serious pathologies:

  • degenerative phenomena;
  • inhibition of growth; the

  • reduced functionality of the immune system;
  • the
  • endocrine dysfunctions;
  • the
  • liver disease and other changes.


Natural protein in the maximum quantity contained in meat and fish. Fish protein as meat, filled with essential amino acids, but contains a minimum of connective tissue, complicating the digestion. Fish connective tissue expressed as collagen that converts to gelatin or gluten, essential for the formation of cartilaginous tissues. Collagen is easily absorbed by the body.

Egg white contains all essential amino acid and can compensate for the lack of meat protein.

If for some reasons people do not consume protein foods of animal origin to its diet can lead to pathological changes in the body. To avoid this essential protein in another species.

Alternative protein

Allergies, diet, health status and other reasons may require replacement of animal protein. Modern technologies allow to obtain artificial protein, full of valuable substances designed for a healthy, sports nutrition and diet food. Today, you can find high quality protein in an easy to use format, the site has recommendations for protein intake, and detailed food composition of them. Each person has their own daily allowance of protein. The average number for each day is about 100 grams.

Protein powder includes natural ingredients previously delivered from harmful and unnecessary inclusions.

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