Research paper: Where to publish?


Now in terms of publication of scientific articles provided enough opportunities. So, there are materials of various conferences, University collections, scientific journals (for example,) as well as other publications. It is the interests, objectives, goals, and, of course, the status of the author.


Publish a scientific paper: How and where can I do it?

all authors, without exception, need to look for appropriate options. There may be 2-VA: publish free and for money, when you have to pay for the printing of publishing of scientific articles. In each case, this issue is addressed with the Chief editor of the publishing house or the Executive Secretary.

the article Itself you can submit for publication in both domestic and foreign journal, which is directly registered in the NEB (Scientific Electronic Library). In order to publish an article in a Russian scientific journal, it is sufficient to translate into English key words, abstract, and author information, and in the case of a foreign journal need to translate into English the whole article and, of course, they are somewhat different than in Russia, the order of review.

Scientific article can write as a 1-of in the author, and several of the participants in specific research. In the 2nd case: all of the author have equal rights to scientific work (we are talking about undivided co -) responsibility and rights. All the author has neotemlimoy the right to specify the list of publications of this joint research work. In the case of citing this work in other researchers it will absolutely all the authors (so-called index RISC).

Often the co-author used authors-beginners, in order to give their work a higher status and permit its subsequent publication in renowned scientific journals.

in Order to choose the appropriate scientific journal for publication, to determine the code to his specialty and scientific profile. It is desirable, that the scientific problems that are affected by the article, was closer to the range of problems, discussion of which is interesting to the publisher. Otherwise, your manuscript has the potential for long stuck in the portfolio of your chosen wording.

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