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Select the equipment for the pool

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When the construction of the pool is carried out by professional experts to worry about. The beginning of the implementation of the plan begins with the design. After drawing up a clear project, considering the mechanical equipment of the pool and various so-called attractions to increase your comfort.

the online store Glavtorg provided from well-known brands. At the moment there are an estimated 10,000 types of products to equip the pool. Picking up the equipment, you need to understand what are the types of systems and what they meant. If SPA and other benefits can be waived in favor of the budget, he filtration system and water level control is undesirable.


Automate pool with Glavtorg

In modern pools is mandatory for the automation system to reduce maintenance costs.

the control Unit. The blocks presented in the store in different categories. Exist with the ability to control filtration, temperature, water level. In addition, there is an automatic station of batching to control the water parameters - pH, Rx, chlorine, automatic feeding of chemicals to maintain the exposed user settings.

Automatic purging of filters. It is convenient and useful when the filter pressure exceeds the permitted limit, automatically cleaning the tank. Therefore, pool maintenance is performed independently and automatically without human factor.

the Control of water level. Sensors allow you to control the water level. This is necessary to ensure that the container is filled with equal quantity of water. By installing this system, excluded cases of overflow or underfilling. This is a useful and affordable system that saves money and time.

a Geyser. When planning the construction of the pool, you should definitely think about the geyser. Countercurrent flow is the most preferred Supplement among owners of swimming pools. It creates an artificial water current and can be used as a whirlpool.

Robot vacuum cleaners. Automatic vacuum cleaners perform the cleaning of the bottom and walls of pool without human intervention. The choice of robot depends on pool size and type of finish.

Dehumidifiers for the pool. Useful equipment that support a positive climate in the room, not allowing to form fungus and mold.

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