The distinctive features of interpretation


not surprisingly, many linguists say that the interpreter is the hardest work. Exercise and other cities specialists is extremely difficult. A linguist must not only instantly hear the words of man, but to find the most accurate synonyms to spoken phrase does not look overly rude or too childish. Especially this ability is important when the formal negotiations.

types of interpretation

Few people know that this procedure has several types. Translation is carried out simultaneous and consecutive interpretation. In simultaneous interpreting the interpreter uses specialized equipment that allows him to talk simultaneously with the native speaker. Such service is required when several speakers conduct the event in a large spacious room. Typically, students transfer is transmitted through headphones. The distinctive features of consecutive interpretation:

  • speaker makes the phrase after the words;
  • the translator, there's a bit more time to build sentences.

Interpretation may be a notary if it is necessary to confirm the identity of the individual citizen, and in all other situations. Currently extremely popular translations of Skype discussions and programs for video transmission. In principle, they are virtually indistinguishable from the standard procedure, except that the interaction with native speakers is provided through the Internet.

the Difficulties of interpretation

we All know that spoken language differs from written text. Role plays: manner of speaking, tone of voice, accent, habit to stretch or shorten words. This is the first difficulty faced by linguists when working with people. The second problem is the need to have a good memory. The translator must remember it an alien phrase, and then quickly and accurately translate it into another language.

the Metaphors and idioms of another difficulty, faced by all translators. Absolutely all languages are different, therefore the specialist should be able to interpret them. This is not for everyone. Many people are unable to map any metaphor, even with the native language. This can be attributed to the complexity arising from the structure of the sentences. There are languages in which change the sentence structure completely changes the meaning of the uttered phrase.

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