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Photo is one of the most important parts of any summary, but at the same time, a large number of job seekers do not have a clear understanding of what exactly it should be. Yes there applicants, even the experts still argue about whether it is necessary to place the picture in the summary. Next we will talk about what specifically needs to be good picture for a successful resume and tell us about this photographer Nikolay Pokrovsky, which directly makes in Moscow.

Initially understand: whether it is necessary to paste a photo into your resume. Definitely Yes! CV with photo has a number of advantages, of course, if the photo was well chosen or you did it on purpose for your resume.


How to choose the best photo for your resume?

Many people who are looking for work, wondering, "What exactly should be the picture for effective summary?". Everything depends on what kind of impression the applicant wants to create about himself, what position he intended, on what your own qualities are planning to focus and what emotions he wants to convey.


  • the Choice of a suitable photo directly depends on the specialty, their own qualities that should be emphasized and the impression you want to make on a future employer.
    Smile. This should be visible to your teeth;
  • the photo must be clearly visible to your eyes. You can slightly squint (really overdo it this is not worth it). By the way, if you have poor eyesight and wear glasses, then it makes no sense to take a photo without them;
  • a Very fine plan and very large, is not suitable. The best choice is a portrait photo according to the type of bust or torso type ;
  • Photo in the suit is ideal for the person who wants to appear distinguished and competent employee;
  • the colors in the photo should not be very intense. Alternatively, you can select black-and-white photos;
  • Also has no special meaning and background. You can take a picture at the table at home, in a professional Studio or on a neutral or pleasant background in nature.

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