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no One will refute the fact that all appliances, electronics, gadgets, brought from Europe, have a much better quality than those goods which are sold on the domestic shelves. The fact that a large part of electronics stores, manufactured in China for our markets.

it is possible that the European personal computers other equipment also are made in China. But the secret is that in China there are strict regulations for the production of goods for Europe, for America. There shall be strictly

  • controlled by the manufacturing process;
  • tests at all stages of production;
  • PC tested to work;

Most of the technical devices is harvested manually.

Manual build PC

So the quality of the instruments several times better. This technique does not break, is much greater. All of it is made of environmentally friendly materials. Even plastic (used in production) it is a high eco standards.

For other countries, the technique is not under such strict requirements. What can we say. Sometimes used even not too high-quality plastic materials, which, by and large, are harmful because emit harmful gases into the environment. Therefore to buy equipment, even that which was in use, more profitable for European, American, but in any case not domestic used.

Select the computer used

Turning to the Pro shop, the consumer has a great opportunity to buy a computer BU this European or American build. This computer was previously used on lease terms at a big firm, Corporation. Typically, these computers are in offices, enterprises not more than 3 or 5 years. All of them were operated for 8 hours a day, but no more. Retains superior quality, has not lost power characteristics and its relevance. This computer received on the domestic market will cost several times cheaper. In this case, all specifications of the unit are quite adequate, that is suitable for work, for interesting computer games.

For a small amount of people gaining the high quality computer. So why pay more if the European or American units will last several times longer, which is bought in local store in brand new condition. After all, the benefits are obvious. Computer environmentally friendly, powerful, fast, will last a long time, will not break.

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