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the majority of people, when they hear the word "trampoline", imagine the crowd sweaty, messy, shoving and screaming kids. But it is not! Classes in a dedicated trampoline centre - absolutely not the same as a rabid jump on the old trampoline in the Park or at the cottage. By the way, in Moscow to work out on the trampoline in the gymnastics club WOW: .

seriously, the trampoline is a separate sport with experienced instructors, well-designed training system, as well as serious sports. Also, a trampoline can bring a lot of joy, tested children and adults from their own body and, of course, a sense of flight. At this projectile without exception, become the real Superman, because then you can produce what on earth at first glance seems unreal.


Trampoline: Key benefits

of Course, the modern child who loves to spend days in the span of the arms and various gadgets (phone, tablet, laptop, etc.), will benefit any physical activity. By the way, if viewed from the point of view of cardio, the trampoline is 1 of the most effective sports. It has its own chips . For example:

  • trampolining develop the arch of the foot, learn to land softly and coordinate movements;
  • you develop the vestibular system, which is why after a certain time ceases to pump in the car;
  • Trampoline improves posture, since jumping strengthens muscles (back, abdomen and chest - that is, those that are directly responsible for, straight back and good posture + muscle-stabilizers that support spinal column all the internal organs;
  • Improves endurance and flexibility in joints;
  • in addition, the trampoline is an excellent exercise for the human nervous system. When jumps are hormones of happiness (endorphins), that is why children become more relaxed, less nervous and better able to cope with different difficulties.


In General, trampolining may be just the perfect sport, which directly and looking for parents and their children, moving from one section of sport to another. It has everything you need - spectacular stunts, motion, drive and safety.

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