The most common mistakes when purchasing photowall


the Mural is an original and effective way to decorate the space. With this solution you will be able to create shots and bright accent in the interior. Therefore, before buying you need to have information about what to look for in these products and how to avoid mistakes when buying.


the subtleties of the optimal selection of eligible products

Consider the useful recommendations of this product:

  • to Thoroughly approach the selection of a suitable pattern. Think carefully about the location of the product. It is important that the acquired solution is intelligently combined with existing designer idea. Can the solution of this question, use the designer support.
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  • When planning a renovation, keep in mind, first of all, the size of the products. If the room has little furniture, it is very suitable for the solution of an objective the image of the wide angle type. If you have a large amount of furniture in the room is important to choose a panoramic Wallpaper. Knowing these details, you will be able to make the space harmonious.
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  • proper combination with other interior elements. Wallpaper should not look isolated from the common space, spectacular decor must comply with the General mood of the room.
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  • Given the dynamism of the picture. For bedrooms it is advisable to choose more calm and peaceful motives. If it's a kids ' room or lounge, it is advisable to consider the spectacular and eye-catching solutions. When selecting images keep in mind also your individual preferences. Wallpapers, the price of which is best, will make your house stylish and original.
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  • the Given mood, the individual characteristics of the owner of the apartment. For example, a quiet and delicate nature bright pictures will fit. People in this room will feel not comfortable. Conversely, overly measured, monotonous picture on the wall for active and purposeful person may seem boring. Please note at the time that the study of a large number of small parts of the human eye gets tired quickly enough.
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  • Color range. Cold room will be transformed with warm tones. The lack of light Sunny palette will make the room cozy. Bright colors make the space visually larger.

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