Name in our lives: the Primary role


When someone you know is born in the family girl or boy, what you're asking in the 1st place? Of course: "what did you name the baby?". Why is it important for us? Because we understand that a name in human life plays an important role. You ask: "Which one?". This is what we tell the chief editor of the portal where you can watch and female and also their values.

first of all, the name is the answer to the questions: "who am I?" and "Who am I?" Just ask three-year-old: "who are You?" and, most likely, he will tell you: "I am Roma" or "I'm a boy." A name defines a person's future not to the same extent as its gender, but allows the child to realize himself as a personality in psychological terms that is quite an important factor in development.



since ancient times, people associated the name with her EXT. essence. Moreover, just as children never called. Giving a particular name was connected a huge number of rituals. It gave the answer to the following questions: "What is your place in the tribe? What are you? Who are you? What do you do? What can you do?".

Newborn name given after a certain time after birth, directly after display of certain characteristic features of the child. Growing up, kids get the 2nd name and then 3. all people was like 2 min name: adult and child. Adult connected with the most important ritual (namely the consecration), and displays not just the actual abilities and achievements of a teenager, and still means moving into a different social. status.


Our days

the Modern man is not far removed from their ancestors. For example, have learned to develop their own SOC. the role of other methods. That is why today human name separated from the social status, professional activity, and abilities. We have only the main component, namely the link with the human essence, personality, and a private Foundation.

Now the name is nothing but the specific relationship of man with himself. It is true as before displays the most important periods of human life, and each individual has an adult and children's version of his name. Almost everyone of us has a name, which he exclusively called grandma or mom and a family name. Then there is the "nickname" is a name variant obtained from a friend, and then official ("working") name, and finally, the name for "two."

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