The reasons for the popularity of the Nutcracker in the Bolshoi?

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New year's Eve is a dream to watch . And this is understandable because this setting provides the opportunity to feel the atmosphere of the most beloved and fun holiday to spend time in one of the halls of a magnificent theatre, and also enjoy the game of famous actors.

However, the vast majority of modern users converge on the view that to get here is almost impossible, and if possible, for a decent amount of money. As practice shows, it is absolutely not true. Of course, the most famous Russian school ticket products cost money, however, the question of the purchase of ticket products can always be solved, and beneficial to both parties.

Why the theatrical production of the Nutcracker? The fact that this is where you can see the live game and genuine emotions. Especially appreciate that the patrons of such establishments. Feature demonstration of a work at the Bolshoi is an opportunity to join the art. And if not so long ago the theatre was perceived solely as entertainment for the elite, today the situation radically changed.

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