What you need to know about hepatitis C?

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Terrible disease called hepatitis C virus (HCV) for many years claimed the lives of members of different ages and nationalities. His guile is an asymptomatic leakage even in the last stages.

most Often that they are carriers of the virus, people find out by accident - going to donate blood for donation, in preparation for any surgery or visiting physicians as part of routine medical examination. The disease can provoke development of such serious consequences like liver cirrhosis and even cancerous tumors.

How do you get hepatitis C?

  1. in violation of the rules of personal hygiene - use the same toothbrush, razor blade or nail scissors with strangers;
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  3. With the infusion of infected blood donations (at the moment, these cases are recorded quite rarely due to thorough testing of materials received from donors);
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  5. When you use the same syringe with other people (most often observed in the environment of drug-addicted individuals);
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  7. With poor sterilization of the tool in dental offices, beauty salons and tattoo;
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  9. During unprotected sexual intercourse (no more than 5% of the total).

Viral hepatitis C is transmitted primarily through blood. Previously, he was considered a disease exclusively asocial people leading a hectic life, the modern scientists were able to prove the inappropriateness of these judgments. Women attending the pedicure, men going to the barbershop, persons who have any operation, have to pay attention to the adherence to the masters of the rules of treatment and disinfection of tools and use of sealed, disposable products.

drugs for the treatment of hepatitis C and their key features

For many years this disease was considered incurable. The situation has changed for the better in the late 20th century, when on the shelves of pharmacies and public hospitals began to appear the first patented drug. The only significant drawback of these drugs is their cost - the full course the patient will have to pay tens of thousands of dollars.

This amount is incredibly huge for the majority of residents of the former Soviet Union. The solution was found qualified scholars from India, who has released the full analogues of drugs from the United States. They coincide with their prototypes in composition, and are ten times less. Medication for hepatitis C treatment is called generic drugs. They don't have an expensive license, but are freely sold on the web, and not inferior in effectiveness to the patented originals. Be careful when choosing an executor, in order not to fall into the hands of unscrupulous scammers carefully study the reviews of previous buyers.

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