What is design and what are his principal?


Today the term design is used quite often. It can be heard on every step. The concept design has 2 values. With 1 hand, it can be interpreted as thing : sketching, design, drawing,project; 2 - how process : to plot, to conceive, to design, to design.

a big mistake is a judgment about design as an embellishment . Although, of course, beauty is his ultimate goal. Next, we consider the basic types of design and tell us about them, the school of design and drawings, "Art Design", in which you can go in the river.


Principal of design:

  • manufacturing (Industrial). This area technically and artistic activities, whose main task is to identify the formal qualities of products produced through industrial processes, namely, their appearance and functional and structural features. Industrial design is located at the junction of several disciplines. So, in addition to artistic design, industrial designer takes into account marketing and economic aspects and production technology. The competence of this expert includes a couple of areas: the design of means of transport, production equipment, tableware, household appliances, furniture, etc.;
  • Graphics. It is a sphere of creativity, which solves the problem of designing different visual structures. Specialist in this field (graphic designer) is engaged in the development of packaging, advertising products, and corporate identity. At some stages of a book design. In addition, the graphics are very actively used during the creation of the urban environment;
  • environmental Design. This activity is to create an environment that surrounds people. This kind of design can be divided into 2 parts: the interior (that is, the design of internal space) and urban design + landscape design (i.e. the design of external spaces);
  • fashion Design. The purpose of this kind of design is the design of the clothes;
  • Web-design. This activity is to create web interfaces for applications or websites. A web designer designs the layout of the pages of the website, as well as engaged in decoration and search for the most user-friendly methods of presenting information;
  • Art design. This area is at the intersection of contemporary art and object design. Subjects art design are more decorative in nature, not functional.

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