How to make a competent translation from English: 6 secrets


Every day in our world of a great number of physical and legal entities (companies, organizations, etc.) engage in dialogue or share information with their colleagues in other countries.

Mostly most of these people prefer a professional translation Agency, which in a huge amount of work in all more or less big cities. But there are also people who prefer to play the role of translator, that they will be interested in the article in which we will consider language to Russian.


high-Quality translation: How to do?

we Must remember that translation from English into Russian is not just a mechanical translation of English words on Russian language. There are some factors that directly it is necessary to consider to obtain a thematically adaptive and accurate result.

the Most important factors that the translator should pay attention to are:

  1. the Grammatical peculiarities of the language pair. You need to understand that grammar, which is the most important component of all languages, without exception, each of them has its own specific rules;
  2. Actual context in the target and source languages. Do not forget that the implication and the meaning of the 1st and the same concept can sometimes be radically different;
  3. the Written norm of the target language. In this case, meaning grammar, punctuation, spelling, division of text into paragraphs + rules of capitalization (that is, the allocation of words in capital letters);
  4. Spelling in the target language. This item is the most important point that need to transfer high quality. So, between the American (US) and English (ENG) English there are numerous differences, especially writing. For example, the English word "colour" is spelled in the US version, like "color";
  5. In different languages when writing numerals, commas and periods are put down by your own rules. This is a very important point, because in angl. the language of decimal numbers are written as follows 2,154.53 and in Spanish, at the same time, it would be correct: 2.154,53;
  6. Difficulty it is the translation of set expressions and idioms from the 1st language to the 2nd. For example, you can hardly understand the literal translation of the phrase "Bite off more than you can chew" which means in English: "to assume a lot of obligations."

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