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in Order cast disk can be fixed to the hub of a vehicle wheel, use special. bolts and nuts of the variety of disks (in any case it is unacceptable to use nuts and bolts from stamped disks). The fact that the nuts and bolts for alloy wheels have a well-developed conical or spherical surface that is in direct contact with the automotive drive. This feature of the fastener is the result of softness of the metal from which is made of cast disk and as a result, this leads to increase the area of contact "hardware - disk". By the way, can be purchased in the online store

the majority of the alloy road wheels are designed for the use of fasteners conical shape.

Alloy wheels are thicker than steel, that's why in this case screws are used of greater length. In addition it should be noted that because of the softness of the metal motor drive it is necessary to check the tightness of nuts and bolts on a regular basis, especially on new drives, since the metal at the contact spot of such a disk has not yet upromise thanks to the efforts of the load on the mounting bolts and also the wheel.

Choosing the nuts and bolts it is important to buy the fixture that fits directly to your car drive, or the place of contact "bolt - drive" possible scratches, pits, and crumbling of the metal and, as a result, you can permanently ruin your drive. Also keep in mind that a loose fit leads to camerascreen nuts and bolts, as well as cyclical impacts to the fastener.

a Conical nut (bolt) is a nut (bolt), which is ideal for mounting light alloy wheel rims whose contact area with the mounting hole has a cone shape.

Bolts cast motor drives it is necessary to choose such that will necessarily have the same disk thread, and the height of the surface of contact. Also it is necessary to ensure that the cone hole matched with the cone nut.

in addition, for fixing the alloy rims used fasteners with a flat press plate (cylindrical support).

it Often happens that the spherical nuts are used for fastening metal (stamped) disks, well, cone - forged and cast wheels.

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