What is urgent drug addiction?

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says who: the Dependence on nicotine, drugs and alcohol is a chronic disease. Therefore, emergency drug treatment immediately upon occurrence of this disease is necessary and mandatory. For more details about this disease tell us fellow, centre of psychiatry and addiction NP-Clinic , by the way, this establishment can call a specialist at home.

drug Addiction and alcoholism can be 2 types of symptoms:

  • physical;
  • the
  • neurological.

Often people try to rid themselves of dependency without resorting to the professionals. It's the wrong decision and can lead to dangerous manifestations of their addiction, which 1 the only way out is the urgent provision of narcological assistance directly in the home of the dependent person.

is very urgent drug addiction goes hand in hand with a specialist in place signs of dangerous symptoms. In such situations, the physician provides 1st aid, eliminates absolutely all the consequences and relieves withdrawal symptoms with specials. drugs. But we must remember that "home" urgent drug addiction can not 100 % rid the addict from his burden.

the Main action urgent care is specifically to eliminate the dangerous effects of the forthcoming treatment in a medical facility.


When to call a psychiatrist?

a doctor's Help at home is needed not only to drug addicts and also alcoholics. Specialized drug treatment clinics, which provide such assistance can help cope with such problems as:

  • long binge;
  • explicit overdose of narcotics and alcohol, the intoxication of the body;
  • the appearance of convulsions as a result of alcohol and illegal drugs;
  • a state of catatonia, stupor;
  • strong agitation;
  • epileptic status, seizures;
  • the tendency to suicidal behavior;
  • alcoholic encephalopathy;
  • loss of consciousness;
  • refusal to supply;
  • aggression, panic attacks;
  • critical, strong withdrawal syndrome.

Remember: call the ambulance drug treatment must be implemented very quickly and, therefore, to provide timely support, and resolving any issues that you need to know the main symptoms, which need the intervention of medical professionals.

Manifestation of overdose or poisoning depends on what kind of drugs was caused by this condition. Remember that the chances of the human body to cope with the overdose alone are very small, and any slowness in these situations, very often ends in death.

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