Bimetallic radiators in Chelyabinsk


ever-growing energy prices and, as a result, all consumer goods, forcing our citizens to seek a way out of the situation. If you say, for example, about heating, it is clearly a vector in the direction of improving the efficiency, durability and reliability of systems and reducing the cost of materials and components. Acting in a similar vein, it is impossible to ignore which OOO Kilojoule is the lowest in Chelyabinsk.

the Device key features

Modern industry offers a wide choice of heating appliances in order to cover the growing demand. But due to the differences in the modes of operation of the systems of private houses and large buildings, require different types of radiators, operating in specific conditions. In this respect differ bimetal models that can effectively solve problems, and at Central and at Autonomous method of heating.

the appearance of such a radiator is practically no different from their aluminum counterparts. The main feature is the inner layer of stainless steel, which is thus itself a barrier. As a result, the body has no direct contact with the circulating water and the impurities in it. This approach has obvious advantages:


    Durability. Because stainless steel is resistant to aggressive media, does not corrode, the service life of these radiators can reach 20 years or more;

    Mechanical strength. The design of the enclosure allows it to withstand pressures up to 40 atmospheres, that is, it is virtually invulnerable to one of the main problems in systems of high-rise buildings - water hammer;

    energy Efficiency. The channels for the flow of water are the best section to align the inertia and energy consumption.

Since the bimetal radiator is a kind of evolution of aluminum, he also combines his strengths: compact size, high level of heat transfer and modern design.

Contacting the company Kilojoule you will be able to find radiators from manufacturers such as Stal Energy, VALFEX, Ogint, Lammin and others. Large range will allow you to choose the required size of the equipment, including using the services of our designers.

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